Alert System Follow Up

After our initial test of the system last Saturday, we have learned a few things about the new Apptegy Alert system that we want to pass along to everyone.  These small items will help make this system work as efficiently as possible for everyone in Spartan Nation.

Voice Call Delay

When a voice recording or text-to-speech call arrives to your phone and you answer the call, the recording will begin after a four second delay, or as soon as you say "hello".

Verizon: Spam Risk

We have noticed that at least some individuals who use Verizon for their cellular carrier are having the alert calls, which come from our main district line (1-309-379-6011), marked as "potential spam" on their caller ID.  We have submitted a request to Verizon to verify this district number so this does not occur, but Verizon is a big company and we cannot guarantee that this is a priority of theirs.

In the meantime, you can add the district number to your phone's Contact List and these calls will no longer appear as potential spam.  Additionally, if the city/state listed alongside the potential spam message is Stanford, IL, you can be confident that it is coming from our district phone line.

Updating Your Contact Information

The phone numbers and email addresses used for the alert system come directly from Skyward.  If you need a number/email removed, changed, or added, this will need to be done via Skyward.  You can make those changes by accessing your Family Access account, going to the My Account link, and adjusting the email and phone fields.

If you need assistance with this process, please contact your building secretary and they can assist!

Thank you for your feedback and understanding as we transition to this new service.  Have a wonderful first day back at school!

#StrongerTogether πŸ’™