Oly North Science Fair
Oly North Science Fair
Posted on 05/16/2017
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Students of all grade levels gathered at Olympia North Monday night to showcase their scientific inquiry skills at the annual Science Fair. Students chose a question or problem to consider, made a hypothesis and completed the scientific process to determine the effectiveness. Homemade lava lamps, dry ice bubbles, genetics, balloon thrust, effects of vinegar, fidget spinners and dancing gummy worms were but a fraction of the creativity and curiosity on display! Students were judged on a  combination of presentation/display and scientific knowledge/application.


The event engaged students in scientific processes as well as speaking and listening skills. Furthermore, the Growth Mindset was embraced by students as they learned just because a hypothesis was proven incorrect, the experiment still produced learning and furthered their development of scientific understanding for further application. Well done, Oly North scientists!

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